Floral Hairstyles Perfect for Summer

Back in late May, Buzzfeed released an article on the beauty of the Floral Afro by Offbeat Bride. Needless to say we fell in love with these astoundingly beautiful hairstyles. Let these be

Pre-Prom Soiree: Celebrate Morgan!

All that glitters was definitely gold for this young Diva. Now, you have heard of MTV’s Sweet Sixteen, but we have taken it up another level, away from birthdays, and

Wedding Foodies

The other evening, after a night of good music, drinks and lovely company, some friends and I proceeded to a local pizza parlor for delicious late-night carb-loaded snacks. As we

High School Memories: Prom

If you live in any city, you have probably already seen the student posters advertising one monumental event: prom. The one magical night in a person’s high school career where

5 Reasons We Love Spring

It seems the warm weather has eluded us again. Then again, we are still technically in winter, so the sun has just been teasing us with its rays. Oh, spring,

DDE: Countdown to Christmas

The time has come, everyone. That time being the countdown to Christmas has arrived! Yes, with November coming to a close, and Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving finally out

Spooky Good Halloween Treats

Fall isn’t just the time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and scarf weather, it’s also the best season to conjure up some deliciously spooky treats. Yes, we’re talking about Halloween treats,