Begin again: DDE New Years Resolution

    New year’s Eve is right around the corner ready to knock on your door , and the question lingers, do you have your new year’s resolution in order? call them what you like , resolution or goals these are things we put time in to decide how we would like our lives to be changed for the incoming 52 weeks. no pressure.

    However, this is a certain pressure that comes with deciding life -changing habits.Going to the gym is probably at the top of the lists for many, but what about some other ones? we’ve been thinking about many of ours, and here are a few we’ve decided to share with you all.

    1.self love
    It sounds cheesy, but it’s necessary. Self-love looks and feels differently to many people, and it encompasses different things. Whether it’s taking the time to de-stress from a busy work week by unplugging yourself from the web and taking a walk on the beach, feeding that feeling of inspiration within each of us is incredibly beneficial to living a healthy life.

    2. Travel More

    And this doesn’t have to be to other country– although that is never a bad idea. Traveling more can simply mean taking the time to explore your own surrounding and visiting places you’ve always put a mental note on. 

    3. Trying New Things

    Speaking of visiting new places, trying new things from those places can be life-altering also. Don’t keep your mind closed from new and exiting opportunities simply because it doesn’t look like what you’re used to. Step out of your bubble and experience something new. You never know, you might like it. And if not, at least now you’ve tried it.

    4. Make Time For Those Who Matter Most

    Whether it’s your friends or family, taking the time to spend quality time with your loved ones is never time wasted. Ask relatives about stories from when they were growing up, learn new things about the people who raised you, and made you the person that you are today.

    5. Pick Up a Positive Habit

    While I have yet to decide on what this habit will be, picking up a good habit like photography, cooking, yoga, reading a book, or writing in a journal, are all positive outlets for keeping busy, and de-stressing. DIY tutorials on a million different things are available on the internet, why not browse a few? Have a little extra time? Pick up a pen and become your own author.  

    All five of these resolutions are tied together by the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” something that we can all relate to. Whether it’s trying new foods, picking up a hobby, or hearing a funny family story, there will always be things we do not know, so why not shed some light on a few things in 2016?

    From everyone at Divine Diva Events, we hope you have a safe and fabulous New Year’s Eve and an even better New Year. We look forward to what 2016 brings!

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