DDE: Countdown to Christmas

The time has come, everyone. That time being the countdown to Christmas has arrived! Yes, with November coming to a close, and Fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving finally out of the way (sorry, Fall holidays), it is now the time to prepare ourselves to welcome in the magic and fantasy that is Christmas. And oh boy, are we excited!

It is now socially acceptable to play all the Christmas music you want, so Christmas fanatics, play on! No longer will you have to adhere to the constant bellowing sounds of “it’s too early to play Christmas music,” or “you need to chill, it’s only September.” You can now live your best, cheer-filled and merry life.

Online music sources like Pandora and Spotify have specialized playlists to feed your Christmas music needs. Everything from “Classic Christmas,” to “Pop Christmas,” to “Hip Hop” Christmas. You’ll no longer have to choose between having a Winter Wonderland, or a Ludacrismas, because you can have both!

Christmas brings a variety of themed parties. It all depends on your personality. Are you more of a traditionalist, or do you prefer something with more whimsy? Ugly Christmas Sweater parties have become more prevalent during this holiday season, but there are always more, just let your creativity soar!

Talking about Christmas so much makes us want to binge on every Christmas movie (or at least the ones Netflix has online) and make all of the hot chocolate in the world. ​

If you wouldn’t dare have an ugly sweater party and you’re looking to host a more traditional holiday themed party, we’ve scoured our images and the web for inspiration. Here are three themes and decor ideas that have us filled with holiday cheer! ​

1. Baby It’s Cold Outside
With Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” playing in the background, your home will transform into a winter wonderland of snow and Christmas magic.


2. Gingerbread House Party
Unleash your inner child this year and build your own gingerbread house with friends and family! Will your house have a garden? Better yet, how many rooms and baths will it have? Also, will there be a special house for the reindeer? Will your mailbox be a gum drop, or be made of gingerbread?


3. It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas
​This theme by Good Housekeeping has us feeling especially cozy. Is it the Christmas red all around the room? Maybe it’s knowing that Santa Claus is nearby. Whatever the reason, this theme will surely spark some fuzzy feelings amongst your guests.




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