High School Memories: Prom

If you live in any city, you have probably already seen the student posters advertising one monumental event: prom. The one magical night in a person’s high school career where the transition from childhood to adult happens (or so, we are made to believe). The time has come where young girls start preparing for such a night by going out and purchasing the latest issue of Prom Magazine and Teen Vogue. Celebrity Instagram accounts become sources of inspiration for the perfect dress and makeup tutorials become even more searched online. And questions such as, “smokey eye with a long dress, or simple winged liner with a short dress,” “what shoes would go best with either outfit? Do I even worry about the shoes if the dress is long,” start to take precedence over remembering what the quadratic formula is.

Juice boxes have been replaced with grande soy lattes, bus passes have been traded in for keys to your first car, and sleepovers with best friends– well, those will always be relevant, no matter what age. You start to walk down the halls of your high school and memories of freshman year rush into your mind. However, those high school walls will now be place holders for new memories, like those of your high school prom. The school gym isn’t just a place you used to play basketball in, now it’s also the place where your date asked you to prom in front of the whole school (it was during the Valentine’s Day Rally. Swoon). ​

Prom is just one of those memories that seems to linger around in your head indefinitely. It’s a night filled with all sorts of magic. From dancing to your favorite song with friends, or slow dancing with your date, even keeping an eye out for chaperones so that your best friends’ scheme to crash prom goes on without a glitch. We are told by countless movies that prom is the climax of our teenage years, but so many things happen before the evening starts that count also. Sometimes it’s not even the actual prom that we remember, but rather all the little memories that happen before. Like, getting ready; listening to Drake’s Fancy as you curl your hair, or going out to dinner with friends and taking the most selfies possible. It’s an evening of playing dress up with friends, and as Keith Habersberger from The Try Guys says, “it’s nice to experience a little bit of fancy now and then.” We couldn’t agree more!
“It’s nice to experience a little bit of fancy now and then.”
Keith Habersberger
​As the days lead up to the big day we understand how stressful it can be to pick the perfect dress, match the heels and prepare to glam up accordingly. Last year we had the incredible privilege to take on the work that leads up to the event and coordinate a Pre-Prom Soiree for a very special diva. Forget a small dinner with friends, we put together a whole event for young Morgan, her date and their friends. She had everything from her own celebrity glam squad, to a Rolls Royce as her personal carriage. No detail was too small.
Whether you’re going stag with friends, or with a date, prom is a special event in a teenager’s life, and we hope everyone’s prom day is as radiant as the young women and men who go are dressed!  ​


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