9 Couples Who Nailed Their” Greek Love” Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are always so much fun. You get to pick different themes, have different outfits, pose in so many different ways, and at the end of the shoot you get to pick your favorite photos. It’s a perfect pre-wedding glamour day with your beau, and who can say no to a little glamour? One of our favorite engagement photo themes has to be when the couple is able channel their alma mater; it’s almost as if they’re going back in time to where the magic all started. In some cases, a couple’s relationship blossomed out of being in Greek organizations, so for this blog, we have collected our top ten favorite couples who absolutely nailed their “Greek Love” engagement photos!

Okay, so we’re definitely going to need a moment to collect ourselves, because these photos are all just so beautiful. Talk about going down memory lane, all these couples nailed it!