5 Reasons We Love Spring

It seems the warm weather has eluded us again. Then again, we are still technically in winter, so the sun has just been teasing us with its rays. Oh, spring, how we await your arrival. Blossoms of all sorts have already made an appearance on some trees, and they are adorned by bees buzzing around and hummingbirds flying close by. Spring, or “Pre-Summer” as we like to call it, brings so many of our favorite things. Here are our top five reasons why we love spring!
1. Out With the Old, In With the NewThey don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. It’s time to store away, give away or sell away your winter clothing and bring back short sleeves and floral dresses. Just remember to keep a light sweater on hand, just in case.

2. Spring is Berry Delicious

​Just before we thought spring couldn’t get any better, we realized it’s almost berry season! We can already taste the small mountain loads of blueberries, and don’t get us started on raspberries. Placing those sweet little crowns on our finger tips is a small kind of happiness. Add tiny color hues to your next event by incorporating all the delicious spring berries!

3. Floral Season

​Driving around the mountainside, we came around a cherry farm and we were in awe by the beautiful cherry blossoms being born from their trees. Voluminous amounts of pinks surrounding the cherry farm, made us appreciate these little wonders after having been in winter’s embrace for so long. Add a floral charm to your next outfit by incorporating a flower crown. You can never go wrong with a flower crown.

4. Outdoor Festivities!

Winter may have made us resort to staying inside, but spring is finally allowing us to strut out of our indoor confines, and seek some fresh air. Just put up some twinkling lights outside, and enjoy some rooftop drinks with friends and family, or venture to the beach or lake. Hooray for warm weather at last!
5. New Season, New You

If you didn’t participate in the “New Year, New Me” fandom, maybe you’ll decide to take on the “New Season, New Me” ideology. Whether you prefer long layered locks, or the whimsy of a pixie cut, spring brings with it an opportunity to try something new. Regardless, running your fingers through your freshly cut hair is another small kind of happiness.


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